Report Content

A daily repository report has three sections:

  1. Summary An overview of the day’s changes and a snapshot of the current PR status.
  2. Pull Requests Details of all Pull Requests opened, closed, and merged in the report period.
  3. Pushes Details of all commits pushed in the report period.


The summary shows:

  • The number of PRs opened, merged, and closed during the report.
  • The size of those PRs, and the lifetime of the PRs that were merged.
  • The number of PRs open when the report was generated, and their sizes and ages.
  • The number of commits made during the report period.

Clicking on any PR in a chart shows its details.

GitHub activity report summary

Repo Metrics

The summary page also has a snapshot of the repo’s Pull request metrics for the last week.

You can alter the timescale to show the weekly or daily total.

GitHub activity report PR metrics

Pull Requests

The Pull Requests page shows all PRs opened, closed or merged during the report period.

GitHub activity report PR metrics


The Pushes page shows all commits pushed during the report period.

GitHub activity commits