Create a Project

Projects are an Early Access feature.

If you’d like Projects for your organization, contact us at to get early access!

These are the steps to create a Project in GitDailies.

Getting Started

To create a project, first navigate to the “Repos” tab

The Repos tab in GitDailies

Then scroll to the bottom and choose “Create Project”

Create a project in GitDailies

Select Repos for Project

Choose all the repositories whose activity you would like to track for this Project.

Select Repos for Project in GitDailies

If you can’t see a repository you expected, make sure you are following that repository with GitDailies.

Select Teams for Project

You make a Project only track activity for users who are a member of specific teams. (This step is optional.)

This can be useful if you have a team that mainly contributes to “other team’s repositories” (for example, a documentation team or a security team).

Setting up a project for the team will filter out the “noise” of all the other repository contributors and makes it easy for the team to see their work across all the repositories.

Select Teams for Project in GitDailies

Choose Project Name

Choose a relevant name for the Project.

Choose a name for GitDailies Project

Project Report

You can get regular reports of Project activity. You can choose between:

  • Every day
  • Every weekday
  • Weekly
Choose project activity report frequency

Choose Notifications

Report notifications can be sent by Email or Slack.

You can also choose to only receive notifications if the report contains activity.

Choose project report notifications, Email or Slack


Click the “Create project” button, and the project will be set up for you.

If you have set up a Project report, you will receive your first report at the chosen delivery time.

Project created