Creating an Alert

Alert Types

There are two types of Alerts:

  • Shared Alerts can be viewed and edited by anyone in your GitHub organization.
  • Private Alerts are visible and editable only by you.

Getting Started

First, choose the Alerts tab:

Screenshot of the Alerts tab in GitDailies

Next, choose the type of Alert that you wish to create:

Screenshot of the Alert Kind menu in GitDailies

Then, hit “New Alert”:

Screenshot of the New Alert button in GitDailies

This will launch the New Alert interface.

Alert Trigger

First, choose the Alert Trigger. (Can’t see a trigger that you need? Just let us know!).

Screenshot of Alert trigger menu in GitDailies

Alert Repositories

Next, choose the repo that the alert should monitor. A powerful feature of GitDailies is that one alert can monitor all repositories simultaneously.

You can do any of the following:

  • Choose a specific repository from the dropdown
  • Choose “All followed repositories” to monitor all repositories that your Organization follows with GitDailies
  • Choose “All followed repositories”, and choose a subset of repositories later on using a regular expression in the Expression Builder
Screenshot of Alert trigger menu in GitDailies

Alert Conditions

Next, choose any additional criteria for when the Alert should trigger, using the Expression Builder.

In this example, the Alert will trigger whenever a PR is merged without a review.

Screenshot of the Alert Expression Builder in GitDailies

Choose Notifications

Alert notifications can be sent to any combination of Email, Slack, or Telegram.

Also, if you only want to receive a single daily summary of all the triggers for this Alert, just check Include the the alert in the team's daily alert summary. (Note that your Personal Alerts and the Team Alerts have separate daily summaries, so your personal Alert summary is private).

Screenshot of Alert notifications in GitDailies

Alert Name

GitDailies will try to pick a sensible name for your alert.

You can edit the name now, and change it later too.

Screenshot of Alert naming in GitDailies


Click the “Create Alert” button, and the Alert will be set up for you.

Screenshot of completion of Alert creation

If you don’t yet have a daily alert summary set up, you will be automatically guided through that process next.