GitHub Permissions

In order for the GitDailies app to function, it needs certain GitHub permissions. This page lists the permissions GitDailies needs, and why it needs them.

Repository Permissions

  • Contents Lets GitDailies generate reports of which commits / merges / branches were pushed today. It also lets you build alerts based on which files a commit touches, if the commit message matches a regex, if the committer is a certain person, if a certain format of tag is pushed, etc.
  • Actions Lets you create custom alerts for specific Actions passing or failing.
  • Pull requests Lets you create custom alerts for PR events (open, merge, close, etc). Also allows Pull Request metrics and reports to be generated.
  • Deployments Allows deployment metrics to be generated, such as deployment frequency, change lead time, etc (coming soon).
  • Metadata Allows repository metadata to be read. Mandatory for all GitHub apps.

Organisation Permissions

  • Members Lets GitDailies read Team names and Team Members, so you can set up alerts based on the team of the actor (e.g. “alert me if someone in team “interns” makes a commit that modifies a file in directory “really-important-code”).

Account Permissions

  • Email addresses This is so we can contact customers to give support, and send out occasional product updates (which you can opt-out from).

Repository Visibility

For a user to view metrics, alerts, and reports for a repo in GitDailies, the user must have read access to that repo on GitHub, and GitDailies must be following the repo.

In other words, if a user can’t view a repo on GitHub, they won’t be able to see it in GitDailies either.