Alert Triggers

GitDailies alerts can be triggered by many different kinds of GitHub repo activity. A single alert can be set up to watch all your repos at the same time, or individual repos if you prefer.

These triggers become super-powerful when combined with GitDailies' Expression Builder to control exactly when they activate, thus creating highly customized alerts.

Trigger Types

GitHub Actions Triggers

  • Workflow succeeded
  • Workflow failed

Stalled Pulled Request Triggers

  • Pull Request has been open for X days
  • Pull Request has been inactive for X days
  • Pull Request has been ready to merge for X days

Pull Request Triggers

  • Pull Request opened
  • Pull Request merged
  • Pull Request closed
  • Pull Request assigned
  • Pull Request edited
  • Pull Request label added
  • Pull Request ready for review
  • Pull Request review requested
  • Pull Request comment added
  • Pull Request comment edited
  • Commit added to Pull Request

Welfare Triggers

  • User hasn’t pushed for X days

Tag Triggers

  • Tag created
  • Tag deleted

Branch Triggers

  • Branch created
  • Branch deleted

Commit Triggers

  • File touched (modified, removed, or added)
  • File modified
  • File removed
  • File added