GitDailies for Developers

Stay up to speed. Stay focused.

Stop annoying notifications

GitHub notifications destroy your focus and productivity, but disabling them means missing important events.

Create a calm space for deep work by replacing GitHub notifications with a daily summary from GitDailies.

Avoid nasty surprises

A high-risk file is changed, a critical PR is merged, a new release is deployed: all these events carry risk.

The GitDailies expression builder lets you monitor exactly what’s important to you (and get notified immediately, or in your daily summary).

Custom alerts editor

Check commits faster

In busy teams pushing lots of code, bloated pushes or accidental changes often slip through.

Quickly spot unexpected or risky changes with the Visualizer.

Become an expert

It takes years to become a skilled software engineer. Even longer if you don’t have a mentor.

Reading your team’s new code each day is a shortcut to software mastery.

Developers reading a daily report

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