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Less rambling standups

Standup meetings can lack focus and it’s unclear what work has actually been done.

A summary of yesterday’s GitHub activity fixes this and makes your standups way more efficient.

Activity summaries also reduce bugs and promote collaboration.

Developers reading a daily report

Demotivated developers?

Developers feel demotivated when their hard work is “invisible”, and remote working makes it hard to connect with colleagues.

Peer recognition is a proven way to build morale and team spirit.

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Spot problems early

When a developer needs more resources or is stuck on a problem, they don’t always ask for help.

GitDailies can notify you if someone hasn’t pushed code for a while, so you can reach out and offer assistance.

Team support

Monitor what’s important

Keeping up with development activity can be overwhelming and it’s easy to miss critical events.

Create personalized alerts with the GitDailies expression builder, and track important activity.

List of custom alerts for GitHub activity

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